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A Capital Ball

6:30 PM

Music by Elke Baker, Liz Donaldson, and Ralph Gordon

Note early start time of 6:30 PM

"" Program
Devised by Valerie Hill
'Cheat sheet' (PDF)
Cabbages and Kings 32J3, Butterfield, Harbour City Book
Holyrood Strathspey 32S3, RSCDS Bk 51
Orpington Caledonians 32R3, RSCDS Bk 49
Waverly 48J3, RSCDS Bk 15
Tulloch Gorm 32S3, RSCDS Bk 8
The Piper and the Penguin 88R4SQ, Scotia Suite
Something in the Air 32S2, Stephens, Leaflet
The Wind on the Heath 32R3, Boyd, Vive la Danse!
~ Tea Break ~
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet 32R2, RSCDS Bk 9
Sunshine and Sweeties Jig 32J3, RSCDS Bk 48
Dalkeith's Strathspey 32S3, RSCDS Bk 9
Starlight 32R3, RSCDS Bk 44
Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek 32S3, RSCDS Bk 52
The Laird of Milton's Daughter 32J3, RSCDS Bk 22
Sleepy Maggie 32R3, RSCDS Bk 11


'Cheat sheet' (PDF)
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